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Pakistani actors Sanam Saeed, Aamina Shaikh and Adnan Malik, who plays adult siblings in the new family drama Cake, were in Dubai on Sunday to speak about the trials and triumphs of being a part of a wonderfully dysfunctional unit, irrevocably connected by blood.

“We are a family of five in Cake. I play the youngest of three siblings who come back from the UK to visit her ageing parents. She hasn’t lived with her family for ten years and they are now forced to adjust and live together,” said Saeed in an interview with Gulf News tabloid! prior to the screening at Vox Cinemas on Sunday evening.

“They are as dysfunctional as my family or your family can get,” said Saeed.

Directed by debutante director Asim Malik, Cake, which releases in the UAE on March 29, is gaining traction because contemporary family dramas are rarely explored in the nascent Pakistani film industry, which has seen a robust revival in production in the last few years.

Lead actor Sheikh, who plays the middle sibling Zareen in this family drama, describes Cake as a metaphor for families that exist in today’s world.

“Just like a cake, the outside of a family is different from what lies inside. There are several layers to their family dynamics,” said Shaikh.

“Zareen has a dominant streak in her. She’s the middle child who acts like the eldest. She looks after her ageing parents and so she’s holding fort. All that takes a toll on her and her inspirations,” said Sheikh.

Actor Malik, who plays Romeo, is the quintessential outsider who is close to this family.

“He’s that compassionate, quiet observer and is that moral compass of the family,” said Malik, who was visibly excited about sporting a moustache in this film. Unlike his real swanky persona, he plays a diffident bloke with questionable fashion sense in this film.

Recently, cricketer and politician Imran Khan also lauded the film after watching it.

“Imran Khan is so progressive and my vote was for him… We are pleased that he took the time out from his busy schedule to watch this film.

Everyone who has experienced love and loss among siblings and family will identify with this film… Cake will tug at your heartstrings,” said Saeed.

Read the full interviews and review in Gulf News tabloid! soon.

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